Dear future husband,

I’m writing to you after heart break. I let the same guy break my heart twice in one year’s time. He rejected me and refused to try. I hate doing anything half assed as I’m sure you know and I hate it when other people do the same. He fell for a girl that was all of my insecurities rolled into one and then said I shouldn’t care. He was the first guy to steal my heart and you are the last. Please never break my heart. When I’m in love I give my whole heart. You see it all and I hope I do a good job reminding you every day how much I love and appreciate all that you are.

I can only assume you have the biggest smile that immediately brings a smile to my face and I can never take my eyes off of, beautiful eyes that not only hypnotize but express your every emotion (preferably blue or green ones;) and a laugh that not only makes me laugh but brings light to every room. I love all of those beautiful (seemingly shallow) qualities about you not only because they make you the fucking handsome man you are;) but also because they leak out some of your best qualities: your ability to love unconditionally and with great intensity, your ability to express your emotions even without words, and your amazing sense of humor that lifts me up even on the shittiest of days.

I cannot wait for you to be mine and I cannot wait to be yours. To wake up in your arms every morning, tell you about my crazy dreams and listen to you try to interpret them over toast, avocados, and scrambled eggs (my latest breakfast obsession) while I run around in underwear and your t-shirt in our own little kitchen in our first little place. I love you to infinity and beyond:))))

Yours forever,



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