Lil’ Runner Diary

I think it’s about time to make this blog true to it’s name. After a week of running, a bad ankle roll to my formerly broken ankle left me off the road for about a week and a half. This past Thursday I got tired of sitting around and threw on my running shoes and hit the pavement.

I opened in a 7:19 mile. Safe to say I was a little over eager to be back on the road. That pace dropped to a 9 minute mile for the second mile, but I proved that I could do it.

I only ran 2 miles that first day, but have been running 3 miles the past two days at about 8:30 pace. I can’t complain too much coming off of 5 months of not really running.

Next week is real training. I’m hoping to do a half marathon this fall (maybe try to qualify for the Boston half?;) I can’t wait to get back to some real competition!